Since 2018, TVPPA has hosted the Valley Rally, an annual opportunity for local power company leaders to meet and strengthen relationships with members of the Tennessee Valley’s Congressional delegation. Last year’s event took on a new flavor as the world turned to Zoom and other virtual platforms to stay engaged and TVPPA quickly shifted to organize a virtual Valley Rally.

This year, as the United States slowly transitions back to pre-pandemic ways of life, TVPPA will host a scaled back version of Valley Rally.  Anticipating increased security measures and meeting size restrictions at the Capitol, , TVPPA will take a small contingent to Washington, D.C. to meet with members of the Valley delegation. Meetings will take place July 20-21.

The group will consist of two, six-person teams made up of representatives from all seven districts, including large and small municipals and cooperatives, as well as TVPPA and Meguire Whitney staff.

TVPPA hopes to return to a “normal” Valley Rally in 2022 with no limits on the number of attendees. In the meantime, look for a Valley Rally update in the next issue of TVPPA News.