TVPPA and Central Services Association (CSA) are now offering Supplemental Medicare benefits to retirees from local power companies that have full TVPPA membership.

Retirees from TVPPA member organizations will have the chance to enroll in the 2021 Group Retiree Health and Pharmacy Benefits through Benistar/Express Scripts. Enrolling in a Group Retiree Health Plan and Pharmacy Benefit can help offset out-of-pocket medical and prescription drug expenses that Medicare traditionally does not cover. Optional benefits available include a Supplemental Part F or Part G Medical Plan, as well as a Supplemental Part D Prescription Drug Plan. This comprehensive group plan includes rates that do not differ by age or region and a no-deductible pharmacy plan.

“As a member of CSA, Tennessee Valley Public Power Association has access to retiree health benefits at a much lower cost than could be obtained through an individual marketplace. We worked with CSA to be able to extend this benefit, not only to retirees of our organization, but to the men and women who tirelessly served the local power companies that give us our mission,” said Doug Peters, TVPPA CEO. “We are proud to facilitate the offering to our member retirees and hope they’ll take advantage of this opportunity.”

Enrollment for Medicare Parts A and B ends on December 7, 2020. In order to qualify for this supplemental coverage, individuals must already be enrolled in Medicare Parts A or and B.  Even if someone has enrolled in an individual plan, during this open enrollment period, they may still have the opportunity to change their coverage. For more information regarding specific plan information or how to enroll, please contact Cole Harris at 865.251.5149 or email at