In its August 2 meeting, TVPPA’s R&D Committee prioritized seven distribution-level research projects based on feedback from TVPPA members. After a thorough review, all seven projects were fully funded. They include:

  • Alternatives to Penta Pole Preservation
  • EPRI AMI Project Set
  • Arc Flash Testing of 480-V Bypass Meter Sockets & CT Cabinets
  • Advanced Distribution Inspection: Using Automation for Inspection
  • Planning and Assessment of Large-Scale Vehicle Fleet Electrification
  • Alternative Technologies for Recloser Backup Power
  • Utility Digital Worker Initiative

In order to maximize the value of each project, R&D Committee liaisons Jim Sheffield, TVPPA Vice President of Rates & Pricing, and TVA Program Manager Steven Coley hope to identify LPC advisors for each project who can participate in research, help identify insights and provide input at status meetings that can be communicated to other TVPPA members. If you or someone else from your staff is interested in filling this role, please provide the following information by August 27: Name; Organization; Contact Information; Project of Interest.

To express interest in becoming an advisor, or to learn more about these projects or anything related to R&D, please contact Jim Sheffield at