Working with 15 local power companies, TVPPA has launched a new pilot project called LIDA – Load Interval Data Analytics. Phase one of the multiphase project began with participating LPCs voluntarily sharing  access to eight years of Standard Service interval data with TVPPA. The project was initially designed to allow TVPPA to independently perform wholesale pricing analyses.  Using TVA’s PBSR (Power Billing Statistical Report) data bases, accessed through Valley Connection, TVPPA downloaded this data.  This phase is now complete.

In Phase 2 of the project, TVPPA will use this interval data to create programs that enable wholesale rate calculations and analysis and will explore the capabilities of such programs.  Wholesale bill calculation spreadsheets for each LPC have been completed, along with graphs of various bill components such as monthly kWh usage, bill amounts, cost per kWh with and without fuel, Grid Access Charge (GAC) amount, and load factors. This data can provide useful insights into how each LPC is using power, help explain costs, and offer ideas into how an LPC could modify  load shape to lower its cost of power.

In Phase 3 which should be completed at the end of May, the ability to perform a number of wholesale rate-related analyses will be developed and demonstrated.  Examples will include impacts of changes in wholesale energy and demand prices, the GAC, impacts of solar and other distributed generation methods, battery storage, peak shaving programs, impacts of EVs and EV chargers (both Level 2 home chargers and DC fast chargers), and more.

Information gathered from the 15-LPC pilot project will be analyzed and used to determine the benefits of further expanding the LIDA project Valley-wide.