Each October power companies nationwide celebrate the value of community-owned power, giving the Tennessee Valley’s local power companies a platform for sharing the benefits with their consumer audience. In anticipation of APPA’s Public Power Week, October 4-11, and NRECA’s National Co-op Month, TVPPA’s Communications Advisory Group (CAG) led an effort with TVA to expand and refresh content in an electronic toolkit for each observance that members can use to supplement their communications plans.

CAG and TVA used TVPPA member feedback on toolkits launched last year to expand on existing offerings. The new toolkits include additional social media content, radio spots and a wider variety of digital image choices. Members will still find options for full- and half-page print ads; and web banners, all designed by TVA using messaging input from CAG and offering co-branding options for TVPPA members to add their own logos. In addition to designed collateral, members can download a list of talking points that can be adapted for local use in interviews, press releases and op-eds. All content centers around the “Power of Partnership,” a theme woven from the core values of local control, community-driven decisions, improved quality of life, and low-cost, reliable electricity.

“The Communications Advisory Group saw an opportunity to expand the toolkits and refine messages and images to reflect the current reality of the COVID-19 outbreak. We hope these updates help our members tell their own stories about the impact public power and cooperative utilities make on the lives of people in their communities,” said TVPPA’s vice president of communications, Nathalie Strickland, adding, “The contributions of our Communications Advisory Group gave TVPPA and TVA invaluable insight from across the Valley and our toolkit updates were created with those different perspectives in mind.”

TVPPA members can access both of the Power of Partnership Toolkits by clicking on the banner link on TVPPA’s homepage or by visiting tva.com/toolkits beginning July 16.